Our range includes more than 15,000 products, from simple nails used in general construction to the most elaborate fastening solutions. Our fasteners are available in zinc, hot dipped galvanized coating and also in Ruspert and Nano special technology-based coatings, as well as in stainless and acid-proof steel and in specific grades (10.9 and 12.9).

Janere works with many internationally known manufacturers and suppliers of fastening devices and accessories. 

On the Estonian construction market, Janere is also known for selling structural steel. In this case our portfolio includes reinforcement steel – reinforcing rods, reinforcement mesh and wire rods.

Janek Reitalu
Chairman of the Management Board


JANERE (hereafter J) values customer-centredness, reliability and progressiveness. Following these principles, we aim to make our customers feel happy about being our customers and to create the pleasant and contemporary conditions needed to allow them to do so.

Our main resources in guaranteeing customer satisfaction are understanding the customer’s needs, providing good service and a contemporary and professional range of materials. Whether and how we will succeed in this is up to us – J’s employees.

Even though our behaviour, practices, understandings and values differ, we still need common principles to come to greater consensus and work together to make sure J’s values last. These shared principles and behavioural models are the result of our employees’ collective thoughts and experience. We refer to them as J’s good practice.

JANERE as an empoyer

J cares about its employees.
As an employer, J is reliable and respects Estonian legislation. J ensures that its employees have normal working conditions and up-to-date equipment.
J is friendly towards its employees and supports them in difficult situations. J recognises and values long-time employees.
J invests in the professional development of its people and values resourceful and active people.
J values traditions.
J remembers important personal and professional days in employees’ lives. J organises a summer retreat every year.


I am conscious of my behaviour and attitude. I am friendly, positive and good-humoured. I am polite, helpful and well-groomed. My everyday clothes are decent, clean and suitable for the job at hand.
I use proper language in writing and when speaking. I always give my name and J’s name when answering the phone.
I am caring, and I greet everyone in our work area and try to help them if needed.
I use formal expressions when addressing customers until the customer proposes a more informal communication style. I use an informal style when talking to colleagues.


I am a fitting representative for J both at work and outside of working hours. I respect J. I am loyal to my employer and do my best to maintain J’s good reputation.
My actions are based on J’s values and goals. I care about J’s success.
I support any changes that are necessary for J.
I also represent J outside of work.

Me and my work

I am an expert in my field. I develop and learn with J. I actively participate in the training I am offered and further my education wherever I can.
I am creative, and I notice when something is difficult or problematic and come up with possible solutions.
I am a team worker. I support and encourage my colleagues. I do not belittle the ideas of others and I am not afraid to speak my mind.
I am responsible for the results of my work and for the success of the whole process and I expect the same of my colleagues. My performance makes double-checking my work unnecessary. I know that doing good work is standard, but doing very good work is worthy of praise.
During working hours I deal solely with my duties. All of J’s premises and Estonia as a whole constitute my work site, so I keep them clean and in good condition.

Me and my colleagues

I respect myself and my colleagues. I value their competence and I value them as individuals. I value good human relations. I avoid prejudice when giving assessments.

I value my time and that of others. I come to meetings on time and prepared. I behave and act in a way that does not affect teamwork or the undertakings of my colleagues. I am open-minded and solve problems alongside the people concerned. I maintain my dignity in every situation and know how to be considerate towards my colleagues. I avoid being arrogant, talking down to people, lying and gossiping.

I admit my mistakes and learn from them the first time round. If I see a colleague do something wrong, I point it out politely. I give friendly advice and share my knowledge and experience. I commend my colleagues if they have been successful and support any good ideas they propose. I do everything in my power to deliver on my promises on time.

I follow JANERE’s good practice principles and feel good about being and proud to be a J employee.